Author Topic: Carrier Weathermaker 9200 Nat Gas - Inducer line plugging with water  (Read 558 times)

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-About 15 years old I am guessing as they used IPEX for venting (Ontario, Canada)
-Furnace mounter horizontally
-Inducer has instrument line to press switch that keeps plugging with water
-Inducer housing has 2 separate drain lines, one coming out the bottom (right beside the instrument tube) and another at the front right corner at the lowest place on inducer housing
-Both of these drains go into a water trap "box" before into the floor
-Inducer instrument line comes out bottom of inducer box and then goes up to the pressure switch
-Instrument line plugs with water daily but there doesn't appear to be any holdup in the inducer box
-Checked both drain paths from inducer and they are completely clear...I don't even know why there are 2 drains on inducer housing
-What doesn't make sense is that the instrument line, with inducer running, is pulling inches W.C. back into housing.  So how can water get into the instrument line that is under slight vacuum and why it chooses that path instead of available drain lines?
-I have had suggestions to lower the switch below the level of where the line connects to the inducer.  I would have to locate press switch outside of furnace cabinet to do that and I think that the water would then just flow down and into the press switch housing around the diaphragm
-Another suggestion was that the secondary heat exchanger is failed (and that there was a recall on these units) and that is causing the moisture buildup....but wouldn't that create CO in the house ? No headaches reported and problem has been going on for weeks now.
-I have pics but not sure if they will attach to this post

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Re: Carrier Weathermaker 9200 Nat Gas - Inducer line plugging with water
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2016, 11:06:50 AM »
Definitely dont lower the pressure switch anywhere. You'd just end up with water flowing down the tube and into a pressure switch. You'll gain nothing, and ruin the switch. I dont understand that suggestion.

If you pull the tubing out of the pressure switch and drop it's free end down, does the water begin to flow out of it? If it does and you pull the drain tubing out of the collector box, does the water begin to flow out of the open hole?