Author Topic: Navien NCB-E - looking for some feedback  (Read 484 times)

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Navien NCB-E - looking for some feedback
« on: October 18, 2016, 09:36:44 AM »
hey all,

I live in a 90 year old house, i have a weil mclain cast iron boiler that's over 30 years now, time for it to go.  my hvac guy is recommending I go with a Navien NCB-E combi boiler.  I did some googling and came across some bad reviews regarding reliability, repairs and such.  however it is the internet and people often go there to complain and tend to not post when things are running well, so i take everything with a grain of salt.

the house itself is 2 stories, with 4 rads on the main floor, and 4 on the 2nd floor.

any thoughts on the navien combi unit?