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NY Thermal - Trinity Boiler Safety Recall

  • Wednesday, April 11 2007 @ 05:46 am EDT
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Product Recalls

Trinity Boiler Recall

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NY Thermal Inc. has determined that the condensate fitting located within the boiler may prematurely deteriorate. As NY Thermal Inc. cannot predict the occurrence of the anomaly, the condensate fittings must be replaced immediately.

Models Covered
All Trinity boilers manufactured between Nov. 28, 2005 and Jan. 8, 2007, or serial numbers greater than 06T-16000 must be upgraded. See diagram for location of information.

What to Do
1. If your boiler was manufactured between Nov. 28, 2005 and Jan. 8, 2007, contact the person you purchased the unit from and advise that you require an immediate and mandatory safety update.
2. If you are unsure if your unit falls between the specified dates, contact NY Thermal Inc. and we will determine this for you. Please provide the serial number displayed on the silver decal on the outer casing of the boiler. (Example 06T-1234)

Trinity Ti 400 Safety Condensate Tee Upgrade
Trinity Ti 100-200 Safety Condensate Y Upgrade

For More Information Contact NY Thermal Inc. at 1-800-688-2575.