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TSSA Fuels Regulations Regulatory Changes and Amendments

  • Tuesday, July 22 2008 @ 05:28 pm EDT
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TSSA Documents

Regulatory Changes and Amendments

Summary of Regulation Amendments

- gas utility technician created to accommodate work conducted by employees of natural gas distributors;
- amendment and clarification of failure of qualification requirements;
- amendment of OBT-1 requirements, addressing a qualification training gap;
- amendment and clarification of OBT-3 requirements, permitting comprehensive inspections with documented ability to perform such skills;
- amendment and clarification of IMT requirements, limiting certificate holders to on-site work;
- amendment of PTO requirements, permitting reactivation of equipment;
- amendment and clarification of minimum PM requirements, and scope of PM4 and PMH work; and
- amendment to CDT requirements, requiring certificate holders to a minimum of one-year experience before safely activating equipment.

Download Ontario Regulation 253/08 to see the changes regarding Fuel Certificates.