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Director's Advisory FS-117-07

  • Wednesday, December 05 2007 @ 11:11 pm UTC
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TSSA Advisories Director's Advisory FS-117-07 - Replacement Heat Exchangers for Industrial and Commercial Boilers

Advisory FS11707

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Replacement heat exchangers for commercial or industrial boilers are required to be approved as per Ontario Regulation 212/01 Gaseous Fuels, clause 4. (1), as amended on June 27, 2001:

“No person shall offer for sale, sell, lease, rent or install an appliance, equipment, or thing unless it is approved or will be approved prior to being put in use”

There may be situations where approved replacement heat exchangers are not available. For those situations, TSSA will consider a variance to allow the manufacturer, sale and use of unapproved heat exchangers provided the following conditions are met:

1. Completed variance application form with deposit.

2. Confirmation the replacement heat exchanger is suitable for the specific boiler model(s) by
  a) the boiler manufacturer; or
  b) a Professional Engineer licensed in the province of Ontario.

3. The manufacture of the replacement heat exchangers is supervised under a quality control process to ensure compliance with item 2.

4. The replacement heat exchangers are approved (registered and inspected) by TSSA’s Pressure Vessels Program.