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Director's Safety Order FS-179-10

  • Monday, May 03 2010 @ 09:07 pm UTC
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TSSA Orders Director's Safety Order FS-179-10 - Safety Order - Public Notice on Tank Traders / Superior Propane 20 Lb Propane Cylinders.

Order FS17910

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The Director of Ontario Regulation 211/01 (Propane Storage and Handling) pursuant to section 9 of Ontario Regulation 223/01 (Codes and Standards Adopted by Reference) hereby notify the users of BBQ type of cylinders identified with Tank Traders / Superior Propane that the following safety checks shall be performed:

a) Cylinders shall have their cylinder valve closed whenever the cylinder is not in use. The valve handle typically shows an arrow with the wording “CLOSE” to indicate the direction for the rotation of the handle to close the valve. If the valve is not closed, proceed to close the valve as directed (see Fig. 1); and b) Cylinders with valves exhibiting green colour are not to be used (see Figure 2 attached for illustration). If one of these cylinders is found, return it to the supplier.

Any person involved in an activity, process or procedure to which this document applies shall comply with this Order.

This Safety Order is effective immediately.

Dated at Toronto this 3rd day of May, 2010