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Title: asu24rlxq 18 seer fujitsu condensor startup- no evaporator
Post by: longterm on October 21, 2010, 09:56:14 PM
 well, never give up, but my assertiveness has been diminished through fujit tech lines. What I get from them is nope, nope, nope-can't be done. I don't believe them yet.  I am trying to startup this unit without the evaporator.  Is there any one who might know how to start this condensor w/o the evaporator. The compressor is 208 and condensor fan i think is dc. pretty fed up with brand protection. I have the schematics, and 3 wires from the evaporator go to L1,common,communication, on the condensor. the other2 terminals to the right (on the condensor)are L1,L2 (208) supply.  I have been told from manufacturer that I need an oscilloscope to get the proper 50-120vdc  modulating signal to the condensor from evaporator through the 3rd terminal communication wire. I have thought of getting an ac condensor fan and wiring the rest myself through simpler conventional means, and I have an oscilliscope, but don't have a board guy.(yet). Been around the electrical block a few times, but I rather not give up.
  I do believe there is a way, but the question is how long to find it. Any help is sincerely welcome and I give thanks for your help in advance.