Gas line test pressure gauge

Started by G.P., February 16, 2012, 11:51:34 AM

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I have been using a Winters 4" 30 PSI pressure gauge that I rigged to a tee, pump valve and an open end to attach to my pipe for pressure testing.  It has served me well but it's due for an upgrade. I purchased one of the assembled gauges with a brass 1" female end and the pump valve.  I can't say i am happy with it.  The needle is far too thick and does not look to be very accurate.
I was then looking at some alternative gauges and see that there are a multitude of options.
I know the liquid filled ones are primarily used for high vibration use however has anyone used it for pressure tests? Are they durable and accurate?  They say the liquid also lubricates the springs and prevent the needle from sticking.