Director's Order FS-056-06-R1 - Mobile Food Service Equipment

Started by Admin, June 06, 2013, 04:39:05 PM

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Director's Order FS-056-06 has been revised to FS-056-06-R1.  You can download it - Here

QuoteOn February 13, 2006 Director's Order FS-056-06 was issued to regulate various types of Mobile Food Service Equipment (MFSE) that were unapproved, not properly serviced or maintained or operated in an unsafe manner.

Since that time, although many MFSEs have been approved and are being inspected annually as required, unapproved equipment remains in service and there continues to be a lack of understanding of the requirement that apply to MFSEs. There have also been incidents where members of the public have been injured by unapproved or unsafe MFSEs.

Therefore, pursuant to section 31 of the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, this order clarifies the requirements for MFSEs, and provides guidance on obtaining TSSA approval for their sale and use.



QuoteCan I use my portable propane BBQ for public events?

If the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) manual says "Not for Commercial Use", the answer is no.

If there is no indication in the OEM manual related to the type of use for the BBQ, the answer is yes. You must have a copy of the owner's manual for that specific make and model of BBQ.

You will, however, need to have a TSSA-registered contractor with a licensed gas fitter, G1 or G2 designation inspect and complete the TSSA checklist (#MFSE-002) for the appliance.