Enbridge Relief Vent Clearance Bulletin

Started by Admin, August 27, 2013, 07:25:04 AM

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Download the Enbridge Relief Vent Clearances to Electrical Equipment Bulletin - Here

Download the ESA Bulletin 2-10-11 Electrical equipment near combustible gas equipment - Here


The Enbridge Bulletin says,

"Figure 1 shown at right is from ESA Bulletin 2-10-9, and shows the relief vent being placed at least 1 metre away from electricity meter bases. This is applicable ONLY when there are integral internal contacts in the meter used for recording or remote readings. (ie. Load limiter). However, the ESA has informed Enbridge that since the electricity distributor reserves the right to install arc-producing metering devices at any time they choose, each distributor may also choose to enforce this rule even if the installation presently complies with the Electrical Safety Code."

The ESA stated above that they reserve the right to modify a hydro meter and install arc-producing metering devices and a gas meter regulator must be kept at least 1 meter away for natural gas and 3 meters for propane.  The TSSA just released clarification and it seems the ESA has reversed their position.  See the attachment.

QuoteElectrical meter bases, conventional mechanical meters and smart meters are not a source of ignition, and, as such, are permitted to be located within 1 metre of a natural gas discharge opening and 3 metres of a propane gas discharge opening. A meter is considered a conventional meter if it does not contain an internal service disconnecting feature.

It would be nice to get some more clarification.  Does this mean all new construction hydro meters (smart meters) are safe and no longer require clearance to the regulator relief?  It sounds like it.  If the ESA decided to install an arc-producing metering device, after the fact, they would be responsible to pay to have an OPCO regulator installed or have the regulator vent extended away.

It should be noted that just because the TSSA has taken this new position does not mean the distributor will agree.  It's best to maintain clearances until the distributor changes their policy.

It looks like Ontario hydro companies had until March 2015 to remove these flawed smart meter models that allowed them to disconnect your service remotely.



Download ESA Bulletin 2-10-13 - Here

From the ESA,

QuoteI've attached ESA Bulletin 2-10-13 which provides further details on these types of installations. It also identifies which types of metering equipment is considered a source of ignition and which are not. Conventional mechanical meters and conventional smart meters (that do not have a service disconnect feature) are permitted to be installed within 1 metre as they are not arc producing devices. That being said, Rule 6-408 f) also requires the metering equipment to be in compliance with the supply authority. The local supply authority may want the flexibility to install any type of metering equipment available and may not permit the meter-base to be installed less than the minimum 1 metre requirement.

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