Gaseous Fuels CAD Amendment - FS-212-14 - Effective October 1, 2014 (B149.1-10)

Started by Admin, August 01, 2014, 05:52:50 PM

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Download the CAN/CSA-B149.1-10 - Gaseous Fuels CAD Amendment FS-212-14 - Here

This amendment is effective October 1, 2014.

QuoteBackground to Code Adoption Document Amendment FS-212-14

This Code Adoption Document (CAD) amendment supersedes FS-200-12 rev. 2 (dated October 1, 2012).  This amendment will become effective October 1, 2014.  CAD amendment FS-200-12 rev. 2 will continue to apply until this date.
Provisions that are changed by this amendment are marked with a delta and new text is underlined.  Background information is provided for revisions introduced by this amendment.
Significant changes made by this amendment include: 

- permitting press-connect fittings.

- re-classifying clothes dryers in accordance with the certification standard.

- adding a new section regulating unvented heaters installed in livestock or poultry facilities.

- incorporating Director's Order FS-051-04 (re B-Vents not certified for exterior applications installed outdoors) into the code, for ease of reference.

- adoption of TSSA-MFSE-2014 for field approval of mobile food service equipment.

The TSSA should have amended Clause 6.16 to include clearer guidelines for installing gas piping in garages.  Enbridge has released a technical bulletin addressing protecting the gas piping installed in garages - Here


What are these "press connect" fittings they are refering to?


You can download the Viega installation guide for press connect fittings - Here

It looks like it requires a special crimping tool and utilizes a copper fitting and O-ring to make the connection.  They would have to be certified to ANSI LC-4/CSA 6.32, for use in Ontario.


So what happens now? How do we adapt this to our code books? Will CSA release a new CAD package? I just bought a new code book so probably means new one coming :banghead:


I print off the FS-212-14 amendments and just add them to my Code, but CSA will eventually release the pink sheets to amend the existing Code.  If you paid for the B149.1-10, then you should receive them for free.


Thanks Admin. Ya I printed it off too. How did you go about adding them? Were you able to put them into the appropriate section?


I had to print off multiple copies of the same page.  A lot of the changes share the same page in the FS-202-14 Amendments but not in the Code itself.  The FS-202-14 package isn't organized the way the official amendments (PINK SHEETS) will be.

I highlighted the Clause, on the page I printed, and inserted it in the Code book.  Then I write the word REVOKED, ADDED or AMENDED beside the Clause in the Code that has changed, so I remember to look at the FS-212-14 changes I have highlighted and inserted into the Code.