Propane CAD Amendment - FS-211-14 Effective October 1, 2014 (B149.2-10)

Started by Admin, August 01, 2014, 06:08:34 PM

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Download the CAN/CSA-B149.2-10 - Propane CAD Amendment FS-211-14 - Here

This amendment is effective October 1, 2014.


This amendment to the Propane Code Adoption Document (CAD) revokes and replaces the previous amendment (FS-201-12 revision no. 1, dated December 1, 2012).   A delta symbol in the margin indicates a provision that is new or that has been changed by this CAD amendment.  Background information is included for such new or changed provisions.
This CAD amendment adopts new requirements approved by the B149.2 and B149.5 Code Committees for the 2015 Code that are considered important to be implemented in Ontario now and addresses gaps in the current codes to enhance safety.   

Major changes in this version include following:

- New definitions added for "construction site" and "cylinder exchange".

- New requirements for cylinder storage, including storage at construction sites and roof tops.

- New requirements for cylinder exchanges.

- Reiterating the need for compliance with Branch Standard #9 or a full risk and safety management plan for facilities in heavily populated or congested areas.

- New certification requirements for valves, components and accessories for propane vehicle conversion; replacing IGAC Protocol 01-97.