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Started by Porcupinepuffer, August 25, 2015, 01:53:37 PM

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Ok, my pea sized brain is about to explode.

I downloaded the TEA application from the OCOT and got it all filled out, and it's pretty straight-forward. My issue comes with reading the other form called the Trade Equivalency Assessment Application Guide.
I'm quite certain I fall under the section on page 5 in adobe, but page 4 on the actual guide.
Under the section of Employment, there's 3 black bullets that seem to imply I need all 3 of these things.

The third one is a competency analysis profile... I know this does exist since I found the document, but it looks more like something for an actual apprentice. I'm not sure if this is required or not. It would require a crapload of signing and signatures. I'm beginning to think a real apprenticeship is less work than what's required of this paperwork.
I'm curious if anybody who has done this lately has had an issues or what?


This was the same process I completed with the MTCU.  I had a 313D certificate holder willing to act as my assessor and I filled out the competency analysis profile and supervisor's assessment of skill sets forms, which he signed and initialed.  Then I wrote a letter on company letterhead explaining the dates and number of hours I worked and a description of my job duties, which my employer signed.  I mailed all the application and forms to the MTCU and was later contacted to write the exam.

If you have 2-3 years of experience working on air conditioners then this is a far faster and cheaper option than going through school under an apprenticeship program.

QuoteStep 1
Read the Trade Equivalency Assessment Application Guide and complete the Trade Equivalency Assessment and Membership Application.

QuoteStep 2
Include original employee letters and copies of all credentials that support your application, incomplete applications will be returned to you.

QuoteStep 3
Mail, courier, drop off, or email your package to the College.

Ontario College of Trades
655 Bay Street Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K4
Telephone: 647-847-3000
Toll free: 1-855-299-0028
Fax: 1-866-398-0368

QuoteStep 4
The College will assess your TEA package for equivalency.

QuoteStep 5
The College will contact you regarding the assessment of your TEA package.

•Trade Equivalency Assessment and Membership Application (for TEA applicants ONLY)
•Any certification related to the trade for which you are applying
•Letters from employers detailing job descriptions and total numbers of hours worked
•Fee of $200+HST ($226)


Original documents will not be returned to you.

Applicants may be asked for additional documentation to support their claim at any time during the assessment process.
•Training Standards or Competency Analysis Profiles
•Courses or educational records
•Letters from customers or other journeypersons

The Competency Analysis Profile and Skill Set Completion Form can be found in the Apprenticeship Training Standard Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic – Branch 2 document - Here

I recommend you complete the above forms and include them with the TEA forms you submit.

Here is an example of the company letter,

QuoteOttawa, May 23rd 2012
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship Client Services Unit
Preston Square, 347 Preston St 3rd Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1S 3H8

RE: Mr. X

To whom it may concern,

Please be advised that Mr. X has been working for Y Heating and Air Conditioning LTD. since May 1st 2010.  Mr. X has attained 4500 hours of theoretical and field experience while performing service and installations of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Mr. X has demonstrated the abilities to interpret wiring schematics, blue print layouts, soldering and brazing techniques.

Under the tutelage of Mr. Z, certificate #313D-400108545, Mr. X has both installed and serviced residential air conditioning systems.  Mr. X has demonstrated excellent diagnostic skills in servicing air conditioning systems.  Mr. X has also demonstrated the proper usage of the necessary tools and equipment while performing installation and service related to service calls.  Mr. X practices all safety related aspects required while performing the above noted tasks.

I can accredit that Mr. X has attained the necessary skills and required hours of theoretical and field experience to challenge the required Certification of Qualification Refrigeration and Air Conditioning exam 313D.

Please feel free to contact me should you require further information.

Yours Truly,

Service Manager
Y Heating & Air Conditioning LTD


Wow this seems like a lot, all I did was walk in to the MTCU office and fill in a form and gave them a letter stated ive worked the required hours, and a paragraph stating ive done troubleshooting, repairs and installations, they called me a couple days later and granted me to write the test, all I had to do was sign off that I was resigning my apprenticeship.



Question about the Competency Analysis profile

It shows it as being listed in page 5 on that branch 2 document. It's from pages 5 to 8. But are these the only pages that need to be signed? Does each square need a signature?

When I scroll further down, pages 16 to 46 are the more detailed view of the sections on page 5 to 8. I'm assuming this is not needed and are for those doing the actual apprenticeship?

I ask again because I noticed on the OCOT website, there's a spot where I can click on the competency analysis profile (CAP chart) and it gives the exact same section as pages 5 to 8?

I just don't want to screw this up sending in too much, or too little information than what's required. I'd ask my boss, but he's really only interested in himself and is about as useless as it gets.


I just looked through the documents I sent back in 2007.  The paper work from the MTCU days is a little different.

On your pages 5 to 8, my trainer / supervisor initialed each box.

The MTCU used to have numbers 1 to 3 to select based on the competency level of the apprentice, but now the paperwork is slightly different.

I would write the trainer / supervisor's name on page 16 in each block under SIGNING AUTHORITY.  Then have them sign and date pages 17 to 49.  You would sign them as well.

One thing I forgot to mention is that my employer had made me pay $50 and signed me up as an apprentice.  Then about a week later he told me to quit the apprenticeship and completed these forms so I could challenge the exam.  I'm not sure if the OCOT will want you to first be signed up as an apprentice before allowing you to challenge.  I have heard of some people challenging the exam and never have been signed up as an apprentice though.  It probably depends on who is processing the paperwork at the OCOT.


I'm thinking the smaller set of them is all they need for challenging since it's listed as the competency analysis profile in that exact spot in the pdf and also it's the only thing that pops up when you find that particular document on their site. I can't imagine they'd want to flip through all the sheets from 17-46 since you're essentially signing off for the same thing, just in a more compacted size. They also say the information can be sent by e-mail, there'd be no way it would possible to scan and send that much junk by email without someone having an inbox that can take 50mb emails.