Gaseous Fuels CAD FS-224-17 - Effective July 1, 2017 (B149.2-15)

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Download the Code Adoption Document FS-224-17 - Here

This amendment to the Propane Code Adoption Document (CAD) revokes and replaces the previous amendment (FS-211-14, dated August 1, 2014). A delta symbol delta in the margin indicates a provision that is new or that has been changed by this CAD amendment. Background information is included for such new or changed provisions.

This CAD amendment adopts new requirements approved by the B149.1, B149.2 and B149.5 Code Committees for the 2015 Code that are considered important to be implemented in Ontario now and addresses gaps in the current codes to enhance safety.

Major changes in this version include the following:
Adoption of B149.2-15 for propane storage and handling requirements (Item 1)
Adoption of, B149.5-15 for propane vehicle conversion requirements (Item 2)
Adoption of B149.1-15 for appliances and equipment on highway vehicles, mobile units, etc. when propane is used for fuel purpose (moved from B149.2 to B149.1 in 2015) (Item 3)
Adoption of Field Approval Code for appliances on those units that are not approved (Item 4)
Adoption of Mobile Food Unit Approval Code for appliances on those units that are not approved (Item 5)
Exemption of vehicular protection for cylinders of 20 lb. or less stored in cabinets (Item 1.12)
New requirements for inspection of tanks and inspection/replacement of relief valves (Item 1.14 and 1.15)
Annex Q is added for requirements for use of non-refillable cylinders in classrooms in schools (Item 1.13 and 1.22).

The changes can be reviewed here,