Author Topic: boiler wiring on a 93 slant/fin  (Read 3223 times)

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boiler wiring on a 93 slant/fin
« on: September 24, 2007, 04:00:44 PM »
14 yr old boiler that a friend bought natural draft with motorized damper wires on damper are black white black with yellow stripe and white with yellow stripe. low water cut off H GN P1 P2 A 4 zone vales with end / switch / TH /TR/ THTR. fan center wired to circulating pump rgwyc i think i need to wire motorized damper with low water cut off in series with flame roll out spill switch high limits  and gasvalve i can find wiring diagrams online but none include all the things that need to be wired up together i have a 24 volt transformer on the boiler and one up on a 4x4 boxthat is powering the zones the fan center is wired to the end switches from r and g whats frigg'n me up is the wiring from the damper to the lwco back to the safty switches and gas valve help if you can ty

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Re: boiler wiring on a 93 slant/fin
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2007, 02:13:58 PM »
What kind of ignition moduel is on the boiler? If its a honeywell S86 type moduel the damper motor should plug right in the moduel molex conector. As for low water cutt off, that should be line voltage and not wired in the 24 v circuit. If your wiring diagramme is a different layout then you must follow it. A low water cut off is only required if there are any rads lower than the boiler. If the boiler is the lowest point of the system you can remove the low water cut off completly. Burner roll-out switch is 24 v and wired in series with the 24v line coming into to the moduel. Boiler limit is it an operating limit or safety limit? Meaning is it used for controling the boiler temp or an actual temp cut off to protect it from overheating? You should find out wich controls you have on the boiler with part numbers if you really want to get your problem solved. Hope i was of help......Tech_288