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Cloeman - Evcon
« on: November 19, 2007, 06:02:39 PM »
Hello Gentleman, This run's hand -n- hand with a previous post which I will C&P
I did run a new thermostat wire to the air handler & resolved the cooling issue.
Now that it is time for heat another problem developed.
When the thermostat is placed in heat mode the air handler & the heat pump both turn on & run. However the circuit beaker @ the main panel box trips to the center position. Both units continue to run but they blow cool air & continue to run all the time when the T-Stat is on auto.
The only time the units turn off is when the T-Stat is in the off position. Now one thing I did notice about the new board. It did not fit on the mounting plate as the original did. The original plate aloowed for the thermal limit switch to stand out away from the blower housing approximately a 1/2" & now they are in the slots on the blower housing.
Thank you for your help.

My mother has A Colemann-Evcon # AH16W20BA airhandler. During a storm a few days ago her circuit board was fried. Her technican by-passed the board so she could have AC until the board came in. He installed a new board $675.00 but the blower continued to run. Then he installed a new thermostat Honeywell TH5220D $225.00 & this did not cure the problem. He then replaced the thermal limit switches & charged her another $185.00 & the blower still runs all the time.
She is now out over $1100.00 & he tells her that since it Friday he could not come back until Monday unless she wanted to pay the appropriate over time rate.
When she informed me about this I phoned him & I am waitng for a return phone call.
I have gone over the work he has in place & the wiring is correct according to the schematics. I also have done some research on the web to see where the problem may be.
From what I have read the only thing that has not been replaced would be a fan relay. I am a Construction Superintendent & a Carpenter by trade. "Please do not hold that against me"    I have a good working knowledge of schematics however, I cannot find a fan relay located on the schematic unless it is the small plastic connecter that the black, brown, & orange wires plug into on the blower motor.
All advice is most appreciated.


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Re: Cloeman - Evcon
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2007, 03:56:19 PM »
I'm assuming the breaker to the heat pump is what's tripping... the 240V breaker.  I would check the capacitor and compressor, it could be locking up causing the breaker to trip.

I'm not sure what the sequence of operation is on your equipment, but the air handler fan may get energized as soon as there is a call for heat.  So unless the thermostat is satisfied the fan won't stop.  Or maybe you wired a normally parked fan lead to a continuous terminal on the new board? 

Sorry to respond so late  :angel: