G2 & G3 Gas Technician Exams

Started by Admin, March 17, 2008, 08:23:15 PM

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2012 UPDATE: Over 300 questions & answers have been added to the G3 exam.

The G2/G3 practice exams consist of 467 multiple choice questions & answers, which are in the private forum. 

Members who have donated $20, can PM the admin for access - Here

Your donation will get you access to the G2 and G3 private forums.

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is this a scam or is it legit? anyone?


Everything on this site is legit. Its the best site for HVAC in the industry IMO


For sure Admin is doing good job, but I don't see much traffic. Must be that Winter sleep. ;D


Lots of traffic, just not many posters!


About to write for my 313D this Monday, I really hope to pass! studied from this site and the 19th edition of modern refrigeration and air conditioning text book. I'll let you guys know if i pass!



Very good site love it wish there was more



Is this practice test still valid in 2021



Are these practice tests pretty old or are they new?


They still reflect what you'll find on the exam.