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Started by tenletters, January 29, 2019, 09:24:46 PM

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Course outline:

HVAC Basics was made to help teach theory and basic troubleshooting in short and easy to read modules. The website is still very much unfinished, but there are about 60 modules with six or seven unfinished.

Feel free to register. No charge for anything. Shoot me an email on the site if you have any requests. There's a forum in the course for questions as well.

I'll still be adding more modules, adding air conditioning, quizzes, etc

Tell your friends! 8.. - Free Online Tech Course - HVAC Basics


Helllo All,

I have to write 313D exam in next 2-3 months.

I have international experience and received approval for exam.

Any reference material for study ?
Any tips for exam
Question bank etc.

I will really appreciate any guidance


I'm also in your situation, on this forum under private you can access past 313D exam past question and answers when you pay a small donation fee. its worth it. In my case i use Refrigeration and air conditioning technology book 8th edition. I believe the 6th edition is downloadable somewhere on this site. good luck .