Clamp meter advise

Started by Skyline_GT, November 02, 2008, 08:13:29 PM

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I m new the hvac tech industry, and I purchased a Amprobe clamp meter before, to find it battery on it take running out b/c of the "on" button for the amp side of the meter to remain on when you leave it in your pouch and put it next to your tools.
I taken advice to look for clamp meter with no additions to it
Currently I m looking at a  Fluke 902 Clamp meter, Uei's Clamp meter DL 369 or a Fieldpiece Clamp meter SC 76



I think the Fluke 902 clamp on and Fluke 16 meters are a great combo.  Probably the last two meters you'll ever have to buy.


Thx for the advice on the clamp meter


Always get Fluke. Stay away from Uniti.