Director's Advisory FS-164-09 - Clarification: Natural Draft Boilers

Started by Admin, December 23, 2009, 06:38:18 PM

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Clarification is required in regards to the Director's Safety Order, FS-156-09, for new or replacement residential boilers with an input less than 300,000 BTUH.

A residential Category I, natural draft boiler equipped with a draft hood with an input less than 300 000 BTUH may be installed in the same location as the boiler that is being replaced, provided that certain conditions are met as outlined in the Director's Safety Order.

One of those conditions included that the boiler be installed in a room that is not normally occupied and that does not directly communicate with occupied areas (boiler room shall be isolated including but not limited to sealing the door(s) with weather stripping, joist spaces closed off with appropriate sealing method, etc.).

Typically to satisfy the requirement of joist spaces being closed off with appropriate sealing method, the ceiling would need to be covered with drywall including taping of all the seams.