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Good morning Y'all,

I was working with one of my clients over in Hamilton to get some Johnson Controls Simplicity LINC control boards to use as a Modbus that would communicate RTU protocol with his current BACnet to keep the cost of the upgrade down and allow him to continue controlling it the way he wanted to.

While I was looking through my catalog for what he was needing or other suitable products, he came across this small scale supplier in the US called: 

Looks like they're a coalition of HVAC, Electrical, and Building Automation Contractors that pull resources together for their businesses/projects.

Through their Wholesale pricing with customs, taxes, and shipping all included, Tony made it to where he could buy 3 of these controllers for less than the price of one in my catalog or even comparable to what he might have gotten to replace is at Wolseley's.

If you need to save on cost without sacrificing quality, this might be a place to do it.

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That's quite the sales pitch. 

It looks like a good deal until you apply duty and tax and exchange rates to the products coming across the border.

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Two posts, advertising the same website........