Author Topic: how can an engineer to provide hvac installation service  (Read 39 times)

how can an engineer to provide hvac installation service
« on: January 15, 2022, 05:31:29 AM »
Hi I am a hvac design engineer working for my own hvac design company in GTA Ontario, producing drawings only. I do not have any field installation hours required to be trade licensed and not young enough to gather field hours to be licensed myself. I want my current design company to be able to provide design and installation service as a whole solution package to my clients consideration. Current insurance does not cover construction. 
Tried to get some quote from licensed technician for installation, the quote I got tends to be above average market price thus not competitive. so I realized the another missing puzzle is being able to estimate the project myself.  I can feel the pulse of the market as I being asked by the clients everyday how much the hvac system cost. With zero field experience in this trade though, how to put everything together piece by piece so on the company level adding the installation service to the company service scope. 

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Re: how can an engineer to provide hvac installation service
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You need to make alliances with a few installers.  You refer work to them and they refer work back to you.  This will help you get pricing and input on how to make your designs less expensive to fabricate/install.  Figure out who has been building your work and then figure out who out of them you want to be associated with.


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