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Enbridge Residential Rebates

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Visit Enbridge Rebates & Programs webpage.

Smart Thermostats Program - Home Comfort. Automatic Savings.

One of the easiest ways to save on your energy costs is by installing a smart thermostat. It uses sensors and Wi-Fi technology to maximize your home comfort and energy savings. That’s why Enbridge Gas Distribution is proud to introduce our new Smart Thermostats Program. Simply purchase and install one of the qualifying smart thermostats and apply before December 31, 2016 to receive a $100 bill credit applied to your Enbridge account. Visit knowyourenergyscore.ca for full program details.

Home Energy Conservation Program - Use Less. Do More.

We are proud to offer you the Home Energy Conservation Program, brought to you by the Government of Ontario and delivered by Enbridge Gas Distribution.

If you heat your home with natural gas, propane, oil or wood, and you're a qualified homeowner, you could be eligible for incentives of up to $2,100. This program makes it easy and affordable for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home, lower your energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To learn more please visit knowyourenergyscore.ca

Dear contractor:

We're pleased to announce a franchise wide expansion: our Home Energy Conservation Program is now offered to all qualified Ontario homeowners who use natural gas, propane, oil or wood as the primary source of heating in their homes. This means that more Ontario homeowners can use less and do more.

We have also added a new tier to our Program financial incentives. While previously homeowners needed to achieve 25% or more in annual fuel savings (natural gas, oil, propane or wood) for completing a minimum of two energy upgrades recommended by an Enbridge Certified Energy Auditor, qualified homeowners now only need to achieve 15% to receive the base incentive of $1,000. Homeowners can earn up to $2,100 for achieving 50% or more. See full program details.

Be sure to tell your clients to use the Postal Code Search Tool at knowyourenergyscore.ca to verify if they reside in our Enbridge Program Delivery Area. This tool will also help them to identify their provider if they live outside the Enbridge franchise area.

When we all work together, we have the energy to make a difference.

Thanks to contractors like you, Enbridge energy conservation programs saved enough natural gas between 1995 and 2015 to power 4.3 million typical homes for one year.

For more information on the Home Energy Conservation Program and our new Smart Thermostats Program, visit knowyourenergyscore.ca.

We appreciate your participation and look forward to working with you in the future.

Please note: Program may be subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time.


Natalie Armstrong
Channel Consultant, Residential & New Construction DSM
Enbridge Gas Distribution
(613) 747-4078 / 1-800-267-3616, ext 4078

Ontario Power Authority Rebates

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With as much as 60% of your yearly electricity costs going toward heating and cooling your home, it makes sense to look for ways to reduce your usage. With the Heating & Cooling Incentive you can receive up to $650 by installing an ENERGY STAR® qualified central heating or cooling system.

New to 2014, residences that do not currently have CAC systems are now eligible to apply for this incentive.

Incentives for installations of eligible equipment completed between Jan 1, 2015 and Dec. 31, 2015. Your contractor must enter your online incentive submission by January 8, 2016 and all supporting documentation, including the proof of purchase must be sent in by February 1, 2016.

Incentives for installations of eligible equipment completed between Jan 1, 2016 and Dec. 31, 2016. Your contractor must enter your online incentive submission by January 8, 2017 and all supporting documentation, including the proof of purchase must be sent in by February 1, 2017.

Visit www.saveonenergy.ca for more details about the rebate.

What is the Heating & Cooling Incentive Program?

The Heating & Cooling Incentive program encourages Ontario residents to install energy efficient heating and cooling systems, when replacing their existing systems by providing the following rebate offers;

*Get a $250 incentive when you install a high-efficiency furnace equipped with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM). (EXTENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2017)

*Get a $250 incentive when you install an ENERGY STAR qualified CAC system (NOTE: ENERGY STAR qualified criteria = minimum 14.5 SEER and 12 EER). (EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 30, 2017)

*Get a $400 incentive when you install a stand-alone CEE "Tier 2" level central air conditioning system (NOTE: "Tier 2" level qualified criteria = minimum 15 SEER and 12.5 EER). (EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 30, 2017)

July 1, 2017 UPDATE - The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and Ontario's Local Distribution Companies have recently approved changes to the existing Heating and Cooling incentives. The new eligible equipment and incentives are expected to be introduced by July 1, 2017.

The IESO will be removing the CAC incentives for the SEER 14.5 & 15 (EER 12 &12.5) from the program as of June 30, 2017 and is planning on introducing incentives for the products linked-to below starting July 1, 2017.

Download the new incentives - Here

CORRECTION - Eligibility Details for Ducted Cold Climate ASHP: Product Eligibility Details for the Upcoming July 2017 Program Changes.

Please be advised of the following correction pertaining to the qualification details for Ducted Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps:

*** The additional specification for Cold Climate Heat Pumps to "Have a COP at -15°C(5°F) greater than 2.0 at a max capacity operation and; Maintain a max capacity at -15°C (5°F) that is greater than or equal to 55% of maximum capacity at 8.3°C (47°F)" will only apply to Ductless Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps. ***

Cold Climate Ducted Heat Pumps: Must be 15 SEER or higher, 12.5 EER or higher and 8.5 HSPF or higher and must meet NEEP's Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Specification (NEEP, 2017 or more recent); no additional COP requirement above and beyond NEEP's current specifications apply to the CC Ducted ASHPs.

To be eligible for the rebates, services must be performed by a program-registered contractor. Full program details, including a ‘contractor-locator’ for finding a participating contractor near you, are available by visiting www.saveonenergy.ca or by calling 1-877- 797-9473.

If you are interested in becoming a participating program contractor, please e-mail hsrp@hrai.ca or call 1-800-267-2231 ext. 236 or ext. 248.

HRAI, on behalf of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), is pleased to offer this one-day mandatory training course* to participating contractors of the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVES program. With this course, you’ll share and learn best practice installation to help you develop the techniques to ensure that you’re giving your customers the maximum savings from their energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. For more information or to register, click Here


What is the Peaksaver® Program?

During hot summer weekdays, when air conditioners are running at their maximum, the demand for electricity is at its highest. These times are known as peak demand times. If you have a central air conditioner (CAC), you can help the province to manage this peak demand by enrolling in peaksaver®.

Visit the Peaksaver® webpage to see if you qualify for an additional $25 incentive.