Advice on a Rotary Hammer Drill

Started by walker, May 31, 2013, 03:32:06 PM

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I need to pick up a rotary hammer drill for drilling 2" and 3" holes through brick / concrete walls, any advice on what to look for?

I was looking at the Bosch SDS ones, but Im not sure when they say 3/4", 1" does that mean it can only do up to 3/4", 1" holes??

Can anyone educate me a little bit on these?


Bosch makes a great hammer drill.  The Bosch SDS Plus 1" refers to the maximum hole diameter in concrete, but the allowance is increased to 2-5/8" when you are coring.

QuoteMax. Hole Diameter in Concrete = 1"
Max. Hole Diameter in Concrete-Thin Wall Core Bit = 2-5/8"

Go with the Bosch 1-1/8" to core 3" holes.

QuoteMax. Hole Diameter in Concrete = 1-1/8"
Max. Hole Dia. - Core Bit = 3-1/8"

Don't forget about 4" fresh air or dryer vent holes.  You may need a 6" hole for an HRV.  Go with the Bosch SDS 1-3/4" or the Bosch SDS 2" for that.

QuoteMax. Hole Diameter in Concrete = 1-3/4"
Max. Hole Diameter in Concrete-Core Bit = 6"

Of course you would need to use a 6-1/4" coring bit to ensure your pipe and termination fit.


so Im safe to go with the 2" SDS?
I'll start looking for a used one because I don't have that kind of money right now.


All my power tools are BOSCH. Other makes are choosing a colour and adding rubber grips and padding on their tools. I like the plane blue.


Length of core bit.The Bosch has different length of core bit.the one has 12 in total length and other has 22 inch.which works better?


My old bosch died recently it was 15 plus years old. I sent it into repair, at the repair shop they had factory recon units for about half the price of new. I bought a RH850VC 1 7/8" its the best! great investment, i core solid 2.5" holes all day long, yesterday i went through an old farm house fountain, granite stone, no problem with a little water. Dont get fooled at the homedepot were they sell cheap made in china bosch for homeowners. Get the real mcoy german made units."Tony's power tool repair" Barrie is the best, or if your in the GTA "Pipe tool supply" . The old company used to work for had a Makita unit, it was heavy and the non slip clutch was garbage.


I dont notice a difference with the length, i mostly use the 22" bit.  For in town houses 12" is all you need.


Finally bought the Bosch 11264evs 15/8 and bits .up to 4 in voting capacity. Found in great deal.thx for reply .Happy thanksgiving.


We just got the milwakee and so far it's been great but can't beat Bosch