TSSA Contactor Audit Program

Started by Admin, October 07, 2013, 07:37:23 AM

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Download the TSSA Contractor Audit Program document - Here

Quote1. Clean and organize your work truck.  Ensure your TSSA contractor # is on it.

2. Your office should have your TSSA Contractors # displayed by front door.

3. Have pictures / copies of Gas certificates.

4. Verify you have the up to date B149.1-10 Code Book and FS-212-14 Amendments.  The PDF is accepted.

5. You should have the following tools;
- Manometer
- Pressure Gauge
- Purging tool
- Flue gas Analyzer & Calibration certificate.
- 636 Venting reaming tool.

6. Find 3 jobs for the TSSA to inspect.

7. Bring warning tags as the TSSA inspector may want you to issue a warning tag if a deficiency is found.

They will insist you keep detailed notes and pictures for any job you may have done.  Show the inspector a checklist of what the installer completes after each install.  Be specific.  Verify flame sensor safety by disconnecting wire, verify primary limit by disabling fan motor, verify appliance output, clock gas meter, verify manifold pressure etc...  Make sure the pressure test tag is completed correctly and it has the gas fitter classification (G1, G2, G3).


Added Advisory FS-248-20 - Revision of TSSA's Fuels Heating Contractor Audit Program.

Added Advisory FS-263-23 - Validation Programs associated with TSSA's Fuels Heating Contractor Audit Program, Advisory FS-248-20.