Director's Advisory FS-101-07-R1 - Plastic Vents

Started by Admin, April 07, 2014, 04:05:42 PM

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Download Director's Advisory FS-101-07-R1 - Here

The TSSA updated and consolidated the original advisory (April 2007) and its accompanying clarification note with additional information related to existing vent alterations.  (B149.1-10, Clause 8.9.6)

QuoteExisting appliances and their plastic venting systems will not require action until replacement of the appliance is required as this requirement is not retroactive to installations made prior to its formal adoption.

This Advisory says only upgrade the vent when the appliance is being replaced but I think they forgot to mention you must also upgrade any ABS vent to 636 if the vent has cracked, melted or separated, as per the TSSA's Questions & Answers regarding plastic vents.  I emailed the TSSA for clarification.

Quote15. Is my current system safe for use?
A current system can continue to be safely used so long as there is no evidence of cracks, deformation, melting or separation. The appliance and vent piping shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

20. I have found that my existing plastic vent is cracked – do I need to replace the entire vent?
Yes – the need for requiring the vent be certified arose from failures. If a vent has a failure or has failed, the entire vent needs to be replaced.

Download the previous Advisory FS-101-07 - Here

QuoteClause 8.9.5 - Venting systems, or total vent run if less than 3 ft (900mm), that employ plastic vents shall be installed such that the first 3 ft (900mm), from the appliance flue outlet is readily accessible for visual inspection except for direct vent appliances such as fireplaces that are intended to have short vent lengths to be concealed for decorative purposes.

Clause 8.9.6 - Vents constructed using plastic piping shall be certified to ULC S636.