New HVAC student (looking for starter tools)

Started by kylle, May 22, 2014, 07:35:38 PM

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I am currently taking g3/g2 Co-Op course from Hi-Mark in toronto... im going through a program called Second Careers.. which they pay for my school and they gave me $1000 for tools

i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on which tools to buy / tool list for starters im thinking mostly basic hand tools etc... but any recommendations brand wise... which stores are cheaper etc... which brands to stay away from... any input would be helpful thanks in advance



Doesn't one of the g3 modules cover tools? The instructor should be giving you an idea of what to get. In December ask Santa to bring you only tools, lots of good deals at CT.



I prefer hand tools from my local HVAC wholesaler.  You will have to price shop between HVAC wholesalers, Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

Long and short shank nut drivers. 1/4", 5/16", 3/8".
Long and short shank screw drivers. (pickwick makes a good multi-bit short shank driver)
Adjustable wrenches. 6" and 10".
3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16" open end wrenches.
Channel locks. 10" and 12".
Pipe wrenches. 14", 18" and 24".
Allen keys. 1/8", 5/32", 3/16".
Torpedo level with magnet.
Wire strippers w/ crimper.
Linesmen and needle nose pliers.
Side cutters.
Left and right hand sheet metal snips and sheet metal tongs.
Inspection mirror.

Home depot sells a Rigid 12V cordless drill and they also sell a step bit for making round inspection holes in ductwork, and they sell a nice soft tool case.  There's a plastic container hidden in the bottom, great for storing wire connectors, 1/4" stakeones, marettes ect...

Once you start doing service you will need some electronic equipment.

Fluke 16/322 multimeter and clampon kit. (I believe the Fluke 3xx models are now involved in a recall.  I'll post the recall info in the tools & equipment forum soon)

Tpi 620 manometer. (Dual port)

Tpi 315 digital thermometer.

Tpi 712 flue gas analyser. (This has a built in manometer and digital thermometer probes, so you wouldn't need the 620 or 315)

The Inspector inspection camera, or any decent inspection camera like the Rigid SeeSnake.