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Intro and Assist Request!
« on: December 29, 2014, 07:37:15 PM »
Hello Folks,

As the thread suggests, my name is Shaun Ketterman.  I'm a 33 year old IT in the US Navy, enjoy playing music, and am in no way, shape, or form familiar with HVAC systems!  My wife and I purchased our home last December, and we are now dealing with what has become a headache for an HVAC system.

Earlier this year we experienced an issue where our system would turn on, blow air through the vents, but the air was cold (we were attempting to heat the house sometime late January).  A technician came out and *I believe* the issue was a bad compressor (or whatever part needs to be properly disposed of due to containing hazmat).  I recall the outside unit would screech loudly when it was turned on prior to it failing. 

According to my home inspection report my HVAC:

"The forced air heating system is located in the attic. The unit is a heat pump..." 

While it says the unit is in the attic, that is only partially true.  There is also another unit outside of the house.  I've attached 3 photos in case they are of any assistance.  The photo of the unit in the attic sucks because there is just no room up there haha.

So the issue we are now facing is similar to the last one.  The last few days I noticed the outside unit was making a lot more noise than 'normal'.  It wasn't the same high-pitched screeching sound like earlier this year, but rather the 'normal' noise, just a bit louder.  Today when I came home from work, the house was pretty cold.  The thermostat showed a temp of 64F, but I had it set to maintain a temp of 70F.  I felt the vents and sure enough, it was blowing cold air.  I cranked the thermo up to the highest it would go, which is 90F, and the air continues to be cold.  Additionally, the outside unit is no longer operating whatsoever, so I'm fairly certain this is the problem.  I've checked all my breakers, but none are tripped.  Also, there is a 'cutoff' fuse device outside beside the unit.  I pulled that out and had a look, it doesnt appear to be damage or corroded.

Finally, the other issue I'm noticing now is that I can't get the air to stop blowing.  I've turned the thermostat off, even disconnected it and removed the batteries, but it continue to blow cold air.  It's been off and still blowing air for close to an hour now.

I haven't done much in terms of troubleshooting.  Tried a few things I found via google:

-replaced batteries in thermostat
-Visually checked coils in outside unit for debris
-Spun fan blade in outside unit with my fingers, it moves freely
-Made sure there were no blocked vents
-Peeked in the main panel for blown fuses

Nothing seems to be the culprit.  I'm certainly trying to avoid a costly maintenance call if at all possible, but does this seem like inevitable?  One other thing to note is that I'm in San Diego.  It's currently ~50-55F outside, so I'm pretty sure there is no issue with anything freezing or anything.  Thank you all in advance if you're still reading, any and all info is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Intro and Assist Request!
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2014, 07:53:52 AM »
A heat pump is a very complex system and requires the services of a competent service tech. It could be anything from a bad compressor, bad outdoor thermostat not allowing the electric heaters to come on, a bad sequencer, etc. I would call a dealer that specializes and sells your brand of equipment. Also check to see if their techs. are NATE certified for heat pump service. Check with your friends neighbours, etc to see if they could recommend someone. This is not a DIY project.
This is a Canadian site so we don't know any dealers in the USA.
Good luck.