Amprobe Recall

Started by Admin, June 22, 2007, 02:20:54 AM

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QuoteDescription of the Problem
The ACD-10 PRO, ACD-10 TRMS-PRO, ACD-14 and ACD-14 TRMS models "lock up" in certain circumstances failing to properly measure hazardous voltage levels on electrical systems. When the clamp meter locks up it provides readings under 1 volt or a millivolt reading. If the user does not follow industry standard practice by verifying the tester before and after checking a circuit, he/she may believe there is no voltage present when in fact there is. THIS COULD PLACE THE USER IN A POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION.

Visit the Amprobe Recall Site - Here


Wow, anyone who has requested a return package online, or even talked to their CSR's will know, this company SUCKS!  I hear they were bought out by Fluke.  I will have a hard time supporting Fluke in the future, if this is how they do business.

The way the Amprobe recall has been handled is joke. 
Amanda from Amprobe, if your reading this, you are very unhelpful.


 >:( >:(  I used to swear by their products. Reasonably priced, decent performance, and then.....

My apprentice has been waiting since March for his return package to show up in the mail, it hasn't been seen yet. I am still waiting to ship mine out, but I was waiting for his to show up first. Seems to be a long time in coming.


Anyone gotten a replacement??? What a cluster fuck this recall is!


Last month I was in at Convex, they just got their replacement meters in as part of the recall.  I just use my amprobe to measure amps now.  I threw the leads away  ;D