Author Topic: Toronto resident looking for HVAC work/apprenticeship  (Read 2444 times)

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Toronto resident looking for HVAC work/apprenticeship
« on: July 23, 2015, 10:31:19 PM »
I've been working at an HVAC and mechanical company for a little over a year, mostly doing maintenance on boilers, heat pumps, fan coils, and such, but also as a helper for the senior techs especially on jobs that require two people (heavier installs, for example). I've been recently laid off as my employer has lost quite a few key contracts over the summer and I've got a bunch of options I could go with and wanted some guidance.

Prior to this, I had been in school for a year in a HVAC program and received my G3, ODP, and WHMIS. I, subsequently, got a job during the summer after my 1st year in college doing HVAC sales and then my most recent employment stated above. I was planning on going back in September for my final year (2nd year) to get my G2, Gastite certification, and diploma, but my employer was looking for people to work through the winter too, so I stuck around and had a decent ride until now. He didn't want to go through accepting a new apprentice having had a bad experience his first time around, but gave me his word to write up a reference letter including all the necessary info needed (hours worked, position, job description, etc) if I were to find one elsewhere. I confirmed this with the apprenticeship office and they mentioned as long as the new employer accepts the letter, those hours can be logged. I think it'll be a very slim chance most employers would want to do such a thing. I think those hours would then count me as a 2nd year apprentice.

What are your thoughts on the local HVAC industry's employability at the moment and does anyone here in Toronto have work for a good soul, both hard working and eager to learn? If anyone would like to know more about my credentials and background, feel free to leave me a message. I don't want to boast or be all grandiose about it, but here's little about myself:

I'm also a Business graduate with account management/sales experience and was top of my class both in my Business and HVAC program. References are available.

I wanted to get into design, controls or perhaps, my own HVAC business. I'd also like to get into the union (UA Local 787). Anyone with advice as it relates to these options in terms of how to navigate the industry to get to where I'd like to go, feel free to chime in. I would have liked to study engineering if I had the opportunity which probably would have made some of these options a lot more readily accessible. Also, how difficult would it be to get into the union given that I've worked in the industry already and want to have those hours credited when I do get an apprenticeship offer?

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Re: Toronto resident looking for HVAC work/apprenticeship
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2015, 01:56:00 PM »
Are you open to residential HVAC opportunities? I may have something in Mississauga you could be qualified for.

Call me at 905-747-3314 x304 if you're interested.

Chris Fournier