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Exterior B Vent
« on: November 28, 2015, 12:52:08 PM »
Now we all know that B vent was never certified for use outdoors, except for the section of venting which protrudes a roof.

TSSA requires all Bvent to be inspected annually as we all know as well. 

I have a customer who has been retagged by another contractor stating " Exterior Bvent not in compliance, must be enclosed with inspection doors" 

I cannot find anything that details Bvent requires enclosure with such inspection doors.  any help?

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Re: Exterior B Vent
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Re: Exterior B Vent
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There is nothing about closing it in.   A closed in exterior bvent is still not allowed and still requires annual inspection.   Boxing it in with plywood doesn't make it interior bvent.   Sounds like the infractions contractor might be drumming up some replacement work.