Residential A/C Equipment

Started by TECH X, June 26, 2007, 10:27:46 PM

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Recovery Machine #95762
Fast recovery of Class II, III, IV and V refrigerants including R-410A.

Recovery Filter #95014
High capacity inline filter drier removes moisture and oil breakdown products, as well as acid from burnt out systems.

Vacuum Pump #93560
6 CFM High-efficiency 2-stage rotary vane design produces a deep vacuum field rating of 15 microns and lower.

Micron Gauge #69075
Thermocouple sensors are factory calibrated and exhibit few of the electronic variances of thermistor sensors found in many other electronic gauges.

Charging Scale #68802
Put this rugged charging scale to work with any refrigerant in any system and eliminate the time and cost of charging cylinders.

410a Liquid Charger #41123
Liquid charging is recommended when charging blends into refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and a liquid charger adapter is necessary for safe and fast liquid charging through the low pressure side of a system.

Just placed my order - I love tools!   :face-woot: