Flaring Tool - Black Max?

Started by G.P., February 14, 2018, 06:51:32 AM

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Any body know of a good flaring tool? (to be able to use the hex drill bit with) I currently have the Ridgid Ratchet one and can't say I'm impressed with it.  I sent it in to warranty and had to use it while it was at Ridgid so I had to get a 2nd.  Thankfully the one was unrepairable and they sent me a refund. Looking for better alternatives. 
Has anyone tried the Black Max tool? http://www.cpsproducts.com/product-details/bft850d/
Thanks again


Depends on the sizes for me. for 5/8" or larger, I believe the one I like to use is the one you described. It rolls out the flare with an offset oval, so larger tubing is easier, and it starts skipping when it's flared large enough. I've done hundreds upon hundreds with the ridgid and it's still as good as it was new. Except that the little flimsy screws that keep the two halfs from sliding out always come loose and I'm looking for both sections in the tool pouch.

For 1/2" and 3/8" I prefer the ridgid handheld version that rotates like a barrel on a gun. It automatically sets the depth and rotating the flares happens quickly and painlessly... It does sizes up to 5/8", but once you get to the larger copper, the self setting depth becomes inaccurate and makes the flare too small.

Prior to using either, I always make sure to do a good job deburring the inside of the tubing so that a good uniform seal can take place. A lot of guys skip this step and just rely on squashing down the copper by making it extra tight. Incorrect as it's the tapered inner edge of the tubing that's only sealing against the brass fittings.

I have never heard of hooking it up to a drill, but i guess that could come in handy when doing 6+ flares with a tiger loop/dual pipe oil system.


Thanks ProcupinePuffer, i find the ratchet mechanism keeps slipping and breaking on my Ridgid.  I don't flare often but wanted something reliable. I am a big Ridgid tool fan but these have turned out to be a bust.