New Information Regarding ODP Card Recertification Process

Started by Admin, July 20, 2007, 03:42:02 PM

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This information has been taken from the HRAI website - Here


Changes to Recertification Requirement for Ontario's Ozone Depletion Prevention Certificate (ODP Cards)

Ontario's Refrigerants Regulation was recently amended and effective May 4, 2007, it is no longer necessary for individuals to write a recertification exam every three years in order to renew their ODP Certification.  Certified individuals will now update their information through completion of a Renewal Form and forward it with a renewal fee to the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) who administers the renewal process for the Ministry of Environment. (Notice from the Ministry of the Environment)

In the past, all ODP Cards were valid for a period of three years.  That timeframe has been extended to five years.  As in the past, the expiry date on your new card will remain the same as the date that appears on your existing card.  For example, if the expiry date on your current card is November 12, 2007, provided your Renewal Form and renewal fee is received at HRAI in ample time for processing, the date on your new ODP Card will be November 12, 2012.  Please consider forwarding your renewal information as soon as possible.  

The new process will apply only to those individuals who are renewing their certification before the expiry date listed on their ODP Card.  Individuals who allow their ODP certification to expire are still required to attend the full one-day CFC/HCFC/HFC Control in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry training program again and write the corresponding exam.  It is anticipated that HRAI Delivery Partners, (Community Colleges, RSES, Automotive Groups, etc) will continue to offer the full one-day training course and will then forward the exams to HRAI for processing and distribution of the new ODP Card.

ODP Certification Renewal Process

1.  Please complete the Renewal Form (PLEASE PRINT) being sure to provide all of the information requested.
2.  If paying the $53.00 ($50 + $3 GST) renewal fee by cheque or money order, please forward the completed renewal form and the payment to HRAI at the address noted on the form.
3.  If paying by credit card, please include all of the credit card information on the renewal form and then fax the completed form to HRAI at 905-602-1304.

Should you require clarification on the new Renewal Process as outlined in this letter, please contact HRAI at 1-800-661-3369 or email


Great news I was not looking forward to sitting through that class again. I can now just send them the money for my new 5 year card. Great news.


Yeah great for the government, now they can just sit back and collect money without paying to rent a classroom or an instructor.  It's obvious the government is only interested in making money and not actually ensuring workers have proper training.  Pay your dues!

:laugh: :laugh:


Hey TechX thats exactly what I was going to post when I read the message. Not that I do want to go through the boring class again but it really shows you how much they just want their cash and btw shouldnt it be included if you already have your refrigeration, a/c licence?! Oh well...


I sent them the $53 and just got the new card. It was to expire Feb. 19th 2008 and now is good till Feb.19th 2013.


Quotebtw shouldnt it be included if you already have your refrigeration, a/c licence?! Oh well...

I have been arguing with the Ministry over this point exactly.  It's hard to even get a response, let alone someone who actually understands the Regulations.  :banghead:
Basically the government insists that even with O.Reg 75/05 certification, the 313A or 313D, you still need ODP certification as per O.Reg 189/94 to service or test refrigeration equipment.

To me this is like making a lifeguard, who has lifeguard certification, get first aid certification.  The first aid certification is already a component of the lifeguard certification!
Just another example on how the government is double dipping and making money off the hard work of others.  :face-grump: