Places to purchase HVAC equpiment

Started by Skyline_GT, January 06, 2009, 09:22:54 PM

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Anyone know where to purchase a UEI DMEG3 Megohmeter  ?

Some where in the GTA area ?
I went to WWG, Lennox, Benn Air, Eastern Refrigerations, and Froniter
they all say they don't have it.


I would bet that your best bet is an electrical supply house such as TORBRAM.  I know they have a branch in Barrie, not sure about where any others are.


I know the Trent Metals wholesaler here in Ottawa is able to order any UEI instrument. 
I would check out the Trent Metals Webpage - Here

6665 Tomken Rd, Units 7-8 Mississauga, Ontario.
(905) 795-3875


I believe WWG Totaline has UEI as well.