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oil furnace help!
« on: December 25, 2009, 10:26:06 PM »
Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me. I have an older mid eff Grimbsy 80 plus oil burner to be used to heat my shop while I am there working on equipment. It will be positioned next to a concrete wall elevated to about 57 inches off the ground. My question is what type of exhaust piping/chimney do I need for this unit? Can it be direct vented outside or do I need a chimney to go above the roof line? If I need a chimney up to roof line, does it need to be double walled and insulated or single wall piping? I have the option of keeping the piping as far as I need away from the aluminum sheeting on the outside of the building.
Any help would be appreciated!

I am going to get someone to hook everything up for me, just want to get everything prepped and ready for him.