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Started by Tod, January 04, 2016, 11:18:38 AM

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Hi Guys
I have a TPI 709 combustion analyzer, every year I have the manufacturers carry out the calibration, every year it has to have additional work that ramps the bill up. Is this normal or do I need to look at a alternative brand?


I have the same problem with my TPi.  I rarely use it but it seems the O2 sensor is always dead.

Make sure you only press the OFF button and don't hold the OFF button, so it shuts down properly.  There should be a countdown when it's turning off.  Sometimes I was forcing it off and the meter wasn't purging properly, which may have caused my sensor problems.

I haven't had the time to look for a new one.


Hi Admin
Thanks for the reply, I am sending my unit in  tomorrow, we live in hope.


I also own a tpi708. it seems to be a money pit. I was reading the manual and it says that a calibration is recommended every year. it does not say it must be calibrated every year. then it goes on to say that the unit will read a display message when first turned on that will say unit needs to be serviced for calibration. I now wait for that message from my unit when I first start it up to send in my tpi.


if you guys had to do it again which brand / model would you buy?


I would get the UEI C155KIT. Every combustion analyzer should be calibrated yearly. I even think TSSA requires it.


hey guys i just bought a analyzer and was wondering if you guys had any tips on using one. I have never used one before so any tips or tricks will help!

i know your not allowed to drill holes in plastic piping. whats an alternative other then installing a test port?

how do you guys usually seal up a hole you drilled in a b vent / c vent exhaust system?


You can test outside at the termination, or some furnaces have a port/plug in the vent transition you can test at, some furnaces you can just loosen the vent transition enough to stick your rod in (not that rod).  Try to get as little condensate going in there as possible the moisture will crush you meter so make sure you get as much out of it as can, also a good practice to let your meter 0 down for 5 minutes after using it. As far as c-vent goes, just tape it up with tin tape.


And never drill through B-vent.  Test at the draft hood or drill a hole in the C-vent adapter that the B-vent connects to.


Thanks for the help. i understand a boiler over 100ppm you have to shut down. what about a furnace? i cant seem to find it in the code book.


IPEX Sells a fitting with a test port for S636. you can glue it into the vent above the appliance.


I use a Testo 310. Happy with it so far. Calibration and sensor cost around 350 back in the fall. In hindsight, I wish I'd bought the 320, as its got field replaceable sensors and the probe is not permanently attached to the analyzer. I haven't had any issues with it though. Also, for liability, I would suggest annual inspection with NIST traceable certification. In an investigation it would be very important


Hi All
I am back on the same old complaint, drive from midtown TO to Milton to drop off my TPI analyzer, a few days later received a quote for $480.00!!! This is beyond ridiculous.
Again can I ask how much you guys are paying out every year? And what make/model do you use?


Some guys recently had some testo's sent in. Costs were up in the $400+ neighborhood.


The prices are cruel.. How many hours does it take to calibrate and or repair?

Use your cooling tubes all the time and have a condensate trap.. I foubd when  I used the UEI models with built in trap I had less failures over the TPI. Although TPI overs an inline trap


Having had a closer look at the quote I found that the labour part is only $40.00, it looks like they are replacing every component.
On another note a colleague remembered a few years back seeing a unit for $1500.00 that includes 5 years recalibration included. A sudden thought is would that include replacing components?


I feel your pain. I just buy a new Testo 310 from Ward every year. With out the printer they will sell them for $750.  Then i dump my old one on kijiji for $300-400. and it becomes someone elses problem. Im sure glad i have an old liquid kit for back up.