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Gas tite and csst
« on: October 13, 2017, 05:01:32 PM »
I 've seen numerous houses in my area where people have used csst  ( Gastite  ect) and the plastic yellow jacket has been deteriorated by uv rays and is cracked and in some cases falling off. Is this a reason to red tag the lines. In some cases these lines are only a few years old I believe

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Re: Gas tite and csst
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 07:36:50 PM »
You could use Clause 4.1.3 and issue a warning tag.  The Gastite manual says,

4.3.6 Outdoor
Gastite®/FlashShieldTM Flexible Gas Tubing has passed all requirements of ANSI LC1, which include testing for suitability for exposure of CSST piping systems to outdoor environments.
a) Outdoors – When installed outdoors, the external jacketing shall remain intact as much as practical for the given installation. Any portions of the exposed stainless steel tubing shall be wrapped with tape or sleeved to prevent later threats by acid or chloride based cleaning solutions for masonry. Self-bonding silicone tape is recommended here for durability.

It may be quicker to just tape the damaged area.

5.3.3 FlashShieldTM Jacket Repair

Scuffing, scraping, or tearing of the outer polymer jacket layer may occur during installation. Within limits this condition will not affect the performance of FlashshieldTM CSST as long as the middle layer (metallic shield) and the bottom layer (semi- conductive polyethylene) remain in normal condition.
If a tear in the outer jacket is greater than 1/2" in length, Gastite recommends wrapping the tear area with electrical tape or self-bonding silicone tape, to provide continued protection to the metal shield layer. If the metal shield layer tears for a length great than 1/2", the a ected area must be cut out and replaced using appropriate methods. If the affected area (of greater than 1/2" metal shield tear length) cannot be cut out and replaced, the FlashShield CSST system shall be treated like a yellow Gastite CSST system with regard to Gastite yellow CSST isolation/separation requirements (sec. 4.3), and direct- bonding (sec. 4.10).