Author Topic: split a/c condenser shuts off early, won't restart  (Read 3012 times)

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split a/c condenser shuts off early, won't restart
« on: May 19, 2008, 09:19:00 PM »
Thanks for the great forum! Had a brand new Maytag DS4BC-048K 4 ton split system installed by the son-in -law...sigh.  Since installed, the compressor shuts off  after 2-3 degrees of cooling. After that,  the condensing units fan will come on, but the condenser doesn't. I can go outside and disc the breaker, run the garden hose on the compressor for a min or 2, then the compressor usually comes on when the breaker is reset. I even went as far as to set a water misting unit blowing into one side down low to cool the condenser and the unit ran fine during the last few very hot days (with the water misting) I had my son-in -law come check the charge, removed some charge,  he has it set to 12 degrees diff on the gauges. (not sure how to read these gauges myself) which he says is right. The unit runs slightly better after his adjustment to the charge, but still won't complete more than a 3-4 degree cooling cycle. Am I right in assuming the unit is still overcharged and where can I find the specs on this unit to give to him? He has 4 years in HVAC but I am at my wits end with him. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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Re: split a/c condenser shuts off early, won't restart
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2008, 02:03:15 PM »
It seems that the unit like you say is still overcharged..find out for how many feet the unit is pre-chaged,some units  are 15 some are 25.After that calculate how many feet you have.