313D Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic Exam

Started by Admin, June 20, 2007, 10:58:43 AM

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The 313D practice exam consists of 132 multiple choice questions & answers, which are in the private forum. 

Members who have donated, can PM the admin for access - Here

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The list of MTCU offices in Ontario can be found - Here

I posted a scan of the instructions I had for anyone who wants to apply for the 313D certificate, without going through the Apprenticeship program.

You need a letter from your employer, on a company letterhead which give the company address, exact dates of employment, and number of hours worked.  Include the name of the certificate holder who is assessing you.  Your employer should have no problem crediting you with 4500 hours.  Your 313D certificate will benefit him as well.  No one in the MTCU will cross reference you record of employment.  If you have 4500 hours working on air conditioners, then you have every right to challenge the 313D exam.

The certificate holder and employer sign off on the residential air conditioning mechanic supervisor's assessment of skill sets document, and the competency analysis profile form.

Send that to the ministry and wait until they contact you with exam dates.


QuoteWrote the exam tuesday, and I think I passed it, I put in a complaint because alot of the Ministry exam questions have 2 right answers, I realize that there made that way, but you can justify both as equaly important.

Thanks again your questions really helped

From a happy Forum Supporter  ;)


QuoteI bypassed the schooling portion and challenged the exam.  I only had your exam to study from, and I just got my results back.  I scored 90%.  I still can't believe it myself :)

Nice to hear from the forum supporters!   :clap:


I have spent the good part of the afternoon going through the questions on the practise exam. I know more than I thought. Thanks for the refresher.




The link to donate does not open for me. Is there a site I can go to do this?



Joining the HVAC Forum was one of the better things I've done for advancing in my career in HVAC. I have my G2 and now also have my AC 313D license with the help of this forum. The practice exam was the best $20 I could have spent. I just got my test results back and passed.

My advice to those who are trying to have the 4500 hours signed off, it's to your benefit that you complete those hours because this exam is based on experience and without those hours your chances of passing are slim to none.

I want to thank you for posting this exam, it was the stepping stone that I needed.



I would like to go for 313 d challange test, my question is i completed the 4500 hours but my question is these hours has been done within two years or a bit less, is it ok or it should be within 2.5 years, please advise

thanks in advance



You can download O. Reg 75/05 - Here

See Section 4(2);
(2)  An apprentice training program to become a residential air conditioning systems mechanic shall consist of three periods as follows:
1. Two periods, each of which shall consist of 1800 hours of classes that provide training and instruction and of on the job work experience.
2. One period of 900 hours of classes that provide training and instruction and of on the job work experience.  O. Reg. 75/05, s. 4 (2).

I think the hours are all that matter.


did you take the apprentichip for it or challenge the exam? i am in intermiiate now for 313a but i only work in residential so dont have the need to keep taking time of work for schooling.


I'm getting ready to send in my application to challenge my 313d Exam.

Does anyone know what exactly the OCOT is looking to see from my employers letter. I have 8 years in the housing  HVAC field. Sheetmetal license,Gas license, ODP.Can his letter say I have been working, installing, repairing residential AC equipment or would that not be a good idea because I don't have my 313d. And is it true that putting in a furnace counts as 313d hours leveling coil, wiring and draining.

Any help on what specific details they are looking for in the application itself?


I don't know anyone who has challenged with the OCOT.  I'm curious to know how it works.

From what I read on the OCOT website the process is very similar to the MTCU.

Here's a thread with links to the OCOT website and specific documents required to challenge,


Download the OCOT Document, For Applicants who are not Apprentices - Here

Download the OCOT Document, Exam Preperation Guide - Here

Here's what my employer letter said,

QuoteOttawa, May 23rd 2012
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship Client Services Unit
Preston Square, 347 Preston St 3rd Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1S 3H8

RE: Mr. X

To whom it may concern,

Please be advised that Mr. X has been working for Y Heating and Air Conditioning LTD. since May 1st 2010.  Mr. X has attained 4500 hours of theoretical and field experience while performing service and installations of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Mr. X has demonstrated the abilities to interpret wiring schematics, blue print layouts, soldering and brazing techniques.

Under the tutelage of Mr. Z, certificate #313D-400108545, Mr. X has both installed and serviced residential air conditioning systems.  Mr. X has demonstrated excellent diagnostic skills in servicing air conditioning systems.  Mr. X has also demonstrated the proper usage of the necessary tools and equipment while performing installation and service related to service calls.  Mr. X practices all safety related aspects required while performing the above noted tasks.

I can accredit that Mr. X has attained the necessary skills and required hours of theoretical and field experience to challenge the required Certification of Qualification Refrigeration and Air Conditioning exam 313D.

Please feel free to contact me should you require further information.

Yours Truly,

Service Manager
Y Heating & Air Conditioning LTD

Good luck with the exam!


I have submitted an application to OCOT and have been approved to challenge the 313D. Payed $226 in fees and it has taken over 2 months!


It does say 6-8 weeks on the OCOT website. How much longer is it until you're actually scheduled to write?


I've been notified that the approval letter will arrive in 3-4 weeks. Then I can schedule to write.


Admin is there a link to the 313D certificate instructions? Can I just take the classes in a college and write the exam for the 313D or do I need to also have the 4500hrs in addition to the college classes?



There is a way to bypass schooling and challenge the 313D exam if you have 4500 hours of work experience,



And if you do want to take the classes, you need to be registered as an apprentice to be approved for enrolment in the course. I believe it's 8 weeks x 2 of class combined with the hours of experience in the field. So either way, the hours can't be avoided and it will take at least 2.5 years.


Awesome! i love the site. Im a g2 and have been in the trades for awhile, being pressured into getting my 313D but there is no where in kingston Ontario where i can take the course so challenging it is my only option. I feel like some reading material would be nice but ive read people have passed the exam just from studying your practice exam? sounds like a winner lol, once i get further into it ill prolly donate and check it out, i dont have much other options.


Id like to purchase the exam. But would like to know more detail on what is on it. Can yo let us know how many questions are about compressors and heat pumps.


id like to purchase this practice exam. has the updated version come out yet?


It has been revised and updated many times since 2007.  We get feedback from members who have recently wrote and passed the exam.


Hi Everyone,

I know you are all looking to take your 313D exam GOOD LUCK!
keep in mind that reliance is always looking for good team members so give us a shout once you pass your 313D



I'm looking for the 313D Exam practice questions, is it still avaible ? up to date? thanks!


Yes, members are always adding questions they remember from taking the exam to it.



Thanks in Advance..

have donated and now patiently waiting to be blessed.


Just want to say thank you for this forum. I passed my 313 exam with a 75 by studying this forums questions.